The goal of SanPedroGreen.com is to approach the interaction between ourselves and our environment better informed and therefore more reasoned. This site is focused primarily on the San Pedro and Sulfur Springs Valleys in Cochise County, Arizona. The hope is that this site will assist as a resource to further the distribution of information about how we all may more responsibly interact with our planet. We all stand to profit by living in and leaving an environment to nurture us now and for generations to come. The principles of warmth/sunlight, the power of wind, the value of clean water and laws of thermodynamics are as old as the planet. To better understand and use these principles can elevate the quality of our lives without reducing the quality of our environment. The sun and wind are more available and more abundant a resource than oil, gas, coal, or radioactive uranium. The Southwest is awash in natural rescource. A land mass the size of Maricopa County, covered with solar panels, would generate enough power to supply the entire country with elecricity. These natural resources are renewable and the risks posed to the environment by their use are minimal. To gain a greater understanding, accept and responsibly use these simple principles of nature will serve us all by virtue of a cleaner and more reasoned approach to the way in which we choose to power and live our lives. The use of fuels like the sun and wind can allow a measure of freedom from the fluctuations of the market and assist to decentralize the energy grid.
In order to cultivate a reasoned approach, we must establish knowledge of our environment and our available options. Only then can we make practical choices that reflect appreciation for the environment which sustains us all. The purpose of this site is to inform and make available links to pertinent sites locally and nationally. Please feel free to submit links to this end. As much as the information contained herein is intended to be helpful and accurate, make no expectation of credibility and/or accuracy. You must assume personal responsibility to be duly diligent and responsible for researching the credibility of the links and information associated with this site.


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